From Revolution to today


 If the Caveau de la Huchette belongs to Music History,


it is also inseparable from the history of Paris itself.


Long before 1551, the building bearing the N°5 on rue de la Huchette was the meeting place of

both the" Rosicrucians " and the " Templers ", and in 1772 was transformed into a secret lodge.

One approached it by way of  rue de la Parcheminerie, rue de l'Hotel-Dieu and Petit-pont.

This lodge was composed of two basement rooms one on top of the other, which served as

meeting  rooms. From that location two secret subterranean passages branched out, one leading

to Châtelet, the other under the cloister of Saint-Séverin .

In 1789 and all during the revolutionary period, this building known as " Caveau de la Terreur "

housed the" Club des Cordeliers " and " des Montagnards ". In the upper room, transformed into

a public-house, one drank, sang and argued about " la liberté ". The principal members of the

" Convention " could be found there (Danton, Marat, Saint-Just and Robespierre),

and numerous trials were conducted on the spot (followed by peremptory executions). You will

find there one after another, the court room, the prison, the place of execution. In the lower

room, there still exists a very deep well, used to remove all evidence of the crimes committed

there. These rooms are unquestionably authentic, historically accurate, and preserved in their

original state. Arms from that epoch still decorate the walls (swords, muskets, etc and

jealousy guarded : a chastity belt).



After the war

While Paris was celebrating its liberty once again after the war, a new kind of music from over the Atlantic settled
in around Saint-Germain des Près : Jazz invaded the cellars and hot spots of Paris. The GI's brought in swing andbe-bop, and dance exploded on the scene, dance floor acrobatics complementing frenzied rythms.

Number 5 rue de la Huchette saw the opening of one of these small clubs, soon to become the temple of New-Orleans Jazz and be-bop in Paris. In fact, it was the first club in Paris where jazz was played. No one at the Caveau de la Huchette will ever forget Sidney Bechet's colossal jam sessions ! On May 1976, the Caveau celebrated its 30th birthday :
for the occasion Lionel Hampton and his Big Band  gave two unforgettable concerts and Dany Doriz, the owner, played duet with Lionel Hampton over the same vibes. From those days on, the Caveau de la Huchette has perpetuated the same rich tradition and a jazz band performs every evenings  for the pleasure of jazz lovers. Among them, too, excellent be-bop dancers are stills to be found.

The Caveau de la Huchette has been the set for many a movie, as well. An inspiring spot for film directors, the Caveau de la Huchette has lent its famous ambience to many films : " les Tricheurs "  of Marcel Carné, " Rouge Baiser " of Vera Belmont, " la Première Fois " of Claude Berri… 

Even Hollywood wants a slice of the action, judging by the Caveau’s recent appearance in La La Land. So, how about you?
Le Caveau has even inspired Alan Sytner founder of the famous club inseparable of the Beatles: ‘’The Cavern ’’ in Liverpool.

 Whether you are just a jazz-lover, like to dance your socks off, or are a professional musician, the exceptional atmosphere of the club will remind you of the Cotton Club and the Savoy in their glory days. So, let yourself go… but, be advised, this club has a standard to live up to !